A West Coast pioneer in hardcore tales, unflinching views of street life, and the most playful misogyny, Gaffle One laid the foundation of Gangsta Realism in hip-hop. Before the fade and a half moon was the notorious Gaffle One steady perm, a pompadour he used to lure impressionable girls into his lucrative pimp trade. The Gaff' poured his prostitution profits directly into the production of his debut classic, "I Ain't Tha ONE", which he sold by the thousands out of the trunk of his 1979 Remington (The GaffleMobile).

Recognizing a clear multi-level marketing opportunity, the international conglomerate ScamWay partnered with Gaffle One in his grass roots sales endeavors. This encouraged "Tha Gaffla" to go legit and build the first street pyramid business, selling his tapes through an army of commissioned distributors. Today, Gaffle One is better known by his birthname, Gern Blanston, the top North American representative for ScamWay. Gern leads the continent in sales of toothpaste, stain remover products, and commemorative coins.

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