Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg

The one. The only. The legend. The man who taught the world how to gang bang. Maybe he was always holed up in a mansion somewhere in Vinewood, but he spoke about the streets like it was real, playa. He certainly drank like he was in a lot of pain. I mean, the entire rap world at the time knew that he was the bomb. He could claim to have killed people better than any fool alive, he could talk about places he didn't live in better than anyone, he could pretend to be someone he wasn't better than anyone, period. The man was a genius. But like all genii, or whatever the plural of genius is, he was troubled. He suffered personal tragedy when his manager was killed (just proving that the streets will get you in the end, for real) and he kept losing his rhyme book and his mind to drinks and drugs.

====Official Albums:====


  • "Madd Funk"
  • "Me and My Blunt"
  • "4 My Doggz"
  • "Alone with My Dogz"
  • "Doggz Need Luv"
  • "Madd N A Haze"
  • "Funkin' Forties"

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