Often derided as "The Cheerleader of Hip-Hop", the unapologetically blond and bubbly femme fatale' Rochell'le charmed the charts with her hits, "Dreamin'", "My Dream Came True," and "Dream Rap." It wasn't all tea parties and teddy bears, though, when her mettle was tested by The Real Rochelle's parody "Rochell'le, Rochell'le". Rochell'le's swift response, purportedly ghost-written by her purportedly then-boyfriend Madd Dogg, laid her challenger to rest. Titled "Rochell'le's Revenge", Rochell'le (not The Real Rochelle, but the original Rochell'le) lyrically destroyed her similarly-named rival with clear logic: simply, that there could only be one Rochell'le, due to the uniqueness of her name and the unusual apostrophe before the final two letters.

Rochell'le's later albums exploited her, ahem, assets, with steady encouragement from her then manager/producer Jimmy Silverman. "Leg$" (1991) and "Dangerous Curves" (1994) followed with declining sales as public interest waned.

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